Program Details

Omni Youth Programs can train you to lead groups in one or more of the following programs:

Active Parenting of Teens

  • Brings together a group of parents of 10 to 17 year-olds
  • Teaches parents how to handle and enjoy the challenging but exciting teen years
  • Develops techniques to help raise teens that are cooperative, responsible, and able to resist peer pressure, especially concerning drugs and alcohol
  • Key Topics: Building relationships through encouragement, influence vs control, active listening, positive behavior management, and more

Teens in Action

  • Brings together a group of up to twelve teens to talk about topics that actually matter
  • Led by teens with assistance from an adult supervisor
  • Develops important life skills such as creative problem-solving, communication, and self-confidence
  • Key Topics: Understanding parents, the teenage brain, positive vs negative influences, the power of choice, and more

Families in Action

  • Helps parents and teens experience the journey to adulthood—together!
  • Each session begins with parents and teens working in separate groups before joining together for the family portion of the program
  • Key Topics: Mutual Respect, working out power struggles, understanding each other’s goals, improving parent-teen communication, and more

Family Matters

  • Sends four activity-filled booklets directly to families to be completed in their own home at their convenience
  • Trained facilitators follow-up weekly via phone, text, or email to support each family’s process
  • Especially useful for families who have been recently reunited due to recovery issues or court-ordered separation
  • Key Topics: Why family matters, establishing alcohol rules as a family, the importance of non-family influences, and more

All programs can be adapted to fit your needs including availability, translations, cultural adaptations, and more. Trainings, including all supplies, are completely free.