About Omni Youth Programs

Omni Youth Programs is a non-profit organization based in Sacramento County. Its mission is to strengthen families, develop youth leaders, and cultivate lifestyles free of alcohol, drugs, and violence among teens and families.

Since its founding in 1979, Omni Youth Programs has received continuous funding from the Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services—Alcohol & Drug Services Division, as well as from various fundraisers, foundations, and private donations.

Omni Youth Programs trains groups to lead model-based programs that combat risky teen behavior by building parent-teen communication and relationships, life skills, positive influences, and self-confidence. All programs—Active Parenting of Teens, Teens in Action, Families in Action, and Family Matters—are certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

Trainings are offered for free to parents, teachers, youth organizations, family agencies, and any other groups or individuals motivated to make a positive impact in their community. Once trained, they may then conduct these programs at any time for as many groups as they want.

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